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May 2015

Don’t Just Sit There…Get Responsive

I was headed out to work, typical Tuesday morning, however something just didn't feel right...what was this unsettling feeling I had? Couldn't quite place it but as I reached for my phone I realized what I was feeling- I had left my phone on my kitchen counter. Now what? I can’t help but think of [...]


Be a part of a different kind of team…

I love hearing people talk about sports. Sometimes they get so worked up. I enjoy the entertainment of a good game so I consider myself a fan, but I truly appreciate the passion people have for their team, the dedication to watching or participating in whatever it is that they like. It all makes me [...]


Build something better with BTG…

One of the things that "urks" me the most about the business of business development are cliches. I'm sure they all were started with the best of intentions, but at some point most of them just get out of control. So, for the lack of a better word, it "urks" me to use one...TURN KEY [...]


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