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About Us

Our Mission. // Our Process. // Our Team. // Why BTG?

Our Mission

The BTG Mission
“Cookie Cutter”, “Out of the Box”, “Off the Shelf”. Use whatever cliche that you want to describe what everybody else does. At BTG we don’t want you to see us that way. More importantly, we don’t want anybody to see YOU that way.
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The BTG Process

The BTG Process
You can never underestimate experience and knowledge. After all, they say knowledge is power. Our process has been refined over year of doing business and our goal is to put that power in your hands and remember this…we succeed when you succeed.
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Our Team

The BTG Team
Big business experience, with a small business feel. The BTG Team has been there in huge corporate settings and in Mom & Pop locations. You may be your only employee, you may have 100s or more. The thing is, we can relate regardless of size.
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Why BTG?

More or less, because YES, we can do that for you. BTG really is a single source product and services company.
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