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Rowley Country Club

From riches to rags…then back to RICHES!

The Rowley Country Club is one of several examples in which BTG helped new owners change the perception of their newly acquired business…in this case, a golf course located on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Once upon a time there were plans to do away with the this scenic 9-hole golf course to make way for a condo complex, but when the real estate boom went bust so did those plans and the course was all but forgotten.

For several years the course, then called The Carriage Pines Golf Club, had been neglected and member numbers were dwindling. New ownership entered in 2013 and so did a partnership with BTG. At this point the entire public perception of the club needed to change. A website existed, but hadn’t updated since 2009, online reviews were bad and outside of Rowley everyone thought the club had been closed. The new ownership group started reconstruction efforts on the course immediately and turned the failed condo complex into beautiful townhouses lining its perimeter.

Postcard design for Rowley Country Club as part of a plan to attract new members.

Postcard design for Rowley Country Club as part of a plan to attract new members.

To help strengthen their efforts BTG created a new logo and brand new website featuring local weather updates, a “Tips & Tricks” golf blog and an online tee time booking feature, bringing convenience to the users finger tips.

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As part of an on going project BTG then instituted a communications plan that would reach out the remaining members enticing them to stay. Then came an aggressive multimedia campaign featuring postcards, advertising in golf publications, emails and social media messaging in attempts to draw attention the the recently renovated club and recruit new members at the same time. The Rowley Country Club and BTG would also use offers on Groupon and Amazon to help peak local interest. The results thus far, an increase in memberships and walk on rounds, not to mention increased likely hood that golf will be played in Rowley for years to come.

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