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I was headed out to work, typical Tuesday morning, however something just didn’t feel right…what was this unsettling feeling I had? Couldn’t quite place it but as I reached for my phone I realized what I was feeling- I had left my phone on my kitchen counter. Now what?

I can’t help but think of the days before smart phones and tablets. Were things easier or were we just content in doing one thing at a time and not worried about all the stuff we could be doing? I don’t know, but I know that I didn’t have my phone and this overwhelming feeling started to take over my brain. All I could think about is how I was stuck on a train for another hour and a half with no contact with the world and I started feeling like the day was turning out to be a bust.

Amazing how technology has crept into our daily life so quickly and made such an impression that an hour could seem like a complete and total wipe out of a day if I didn’t have my device. Mobile devices have taken over the daily habits of many people at an astronomical pace. So much so, that we don’t even realize it until something happens and we are unable to use our tablet, or our phone won’t pull up a site we want to get on. Unfortunately, a large portion of the web is not optimized for all those devices.

A site that is too slow to load or one that is not available to view in its entirety is annoying to the average person. Most just leave the site and go somewhere else to get the answer they are looking for. The point is, having a website is a standard that has become a complete requirement but if people can’t get on and see what they want to see or do what they expect to do, they are out of there!

Responsive web design gets your site to all mobile devices with the same desired lay out. At the Britt Taylor Group we know how technology and design play an integral part in business development today. We will help you create and build your company’s identity by delivering a responsive design solution that works across all platforms using the latest browser technology. We provide hosting services that maximize up time and minimize risk. Using sophisticated algorithms BTG will monitor, update and optimize your website for SEO while providing you access to results.

Businesses have a wonderful opportunity standing before them. How many captive audience members are riding the trains and buses to and from work each day? As for the occasional lost or left phone there is not much one can do other than attaching it to your person…lol

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