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Be a part of a different kind of team…

I love hearing people talk about sports. Sometimes they get so worked up. I enjoy the entertainment of a good game so I consider myself a fan, but I truly appreciate the passion people have for their team, the dedication to watching or participating in whatever it is that they like.

It all makes me think how we have come to accept a team is made up of several components (players, coach’s, management) put together to make the one organization. We know that a player with talent is great but if he doesn’t have the right coach keeping his skills and performance up he doesn’t have much success. Well why don’t we consider this model for business?

A business is a team too, formed by the efforts and abilities of more than one, so why don’t people accept that they could use a coach of some sort as well? Starting a business is by no means an easy task, it is a time consuming, physically and mentally draining endeavor. Efforts are not always rewarded with success and sometimes the best intentions just can’t be realized for one reason or another.

Of course management is there to guide and steer the organization but thinking back at how sports are set up and run, I cant help but wonder why we don’t use this set up for everyday business. At BTG we transform your concept or idea into a tangible marketable product and position it in the proper channels to maximize results.

Success is achieved by creatively increasing the value of your products, services and company. Using a combination of business experience and expertise our team helps you get the maximum value out of every dollar you spend. We know that each business is unique and so we believe in taking a personalized approach throughout your experience with us. We will aim to make your business stronger, healthier and more efficient than you ever dreamed possible.
Passion drives a business’s development and we will respect that passion, but it doesn’t guarantee success. When each member is doing their best in what they do they can combine talents and maximize results. Like a coach, coaches the player, we can coach you through the steps to efficiently handle your business activities and get to that goal you always wanted to achieve.

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